2021 MCAS

About Model Cornerstone Assessments
MCAs model effective assessment practice and demonstrate that standards-based teaching in the arts is specific and, rigorous, by sharing a glimpse into one teacher's classroom. The MCAs on this website come packaged with a suggested strategy for assessing student learning, types of evidence to collect, model rubrics, and samples of student work demonstrating their process and learning. The samples of student work illustrate the unit in action by providing a snapshot of a moment in time showing student response to instruction.   

The following Model Cornerstone Assessments were created and piloted during the 2020-2021 school year, funded in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.



DA.AT - Art in Motion

DA.AK - Stories in Montion -- Tableau Choreography 

DA.EW - Dance Genre Project

DA.KC - Creating a Personal Modern Dance Technique

DA.LS - The 4 Elements (Earth, Wind, Fire, Water) - A Movement Study



MA.RB - Quality Sound Design in Media Artworks

MA.RBR - Rotoscoping the World

MA.DC - An Animated Moment



TH.AR - Greek Drama, Tragic Hero

TH.BH - Crafting and Refining the Monologue

TH.HA - Acting Through Spoken Poetry

TH.JD - A Midsummer Night's Dream Performance

TH.RC - Designing for a Greek Myth

TH.VB - Scene Design



VA.AH - Abstracted Reality: The visual impact of objects, things and stuff of ordinary lives

VA.RC - Interaction & Awareness: Creating Art That Connects!



MU.LR - Selecting Repertoire in an Ensemble Setting