NCAS Conceptual Framework 

The Status of Arts Standards Revision in the United States Since 2014 // (Click here for printer-friendly version) 

NCAS Anchor Standards 

Standards Matrix: The Conceptual Framework Visual Organizer 

Coding of the National Core Arts Standards 

NCAS Philosophical Foundations - Lifelong Goals 

A Shared Endeavor, Statement Regarding Arts Education for America’s Students 

Introduction to the Standards

Introduction to the Dance PK-12 Performance Standards 
Introduction to the Media Arts PK-12 Performance Standards 
Introduction to the Music PK-12 Performance Standards 
Introduction to the Theatre PK-12 Performance Standards 
Introduction to the Visual Arts PK-12 Performance Standards 


Explaining the Standards: Need to Know Now 

Prologue 1: Philosophical Foundations and Lifelong Goals
Prologue 2: Meet the Coalition
Prologue 3: History and Development of the 2014 Standards

Volume 1: Issue 1 : Unpacking the NCAS Conceptual Framework
Volume 1: Issue 2: Artistic Processes
Volume 1: Issue 3:  Anchor Standards
Volume 1: Issue 4:  Performance Standards
Volume 1: Issue 5:  Essential Questions and Enduring Understandings
Volume 1: Issue 6:  Process Components   
Volume 1: Issue 7:  Model Cornerstone Assessments

Volume 2: Issue 1 : Support for Exceptional Students
Volume 2: Issue 2: Developing Arts Education Curricula
Volume 2: Issue 3: Online Resource for Arts Education 
Volume 2: Issue 4: Cultural Inclusion
Volume 2: Issue 5: The Arts and Social & Emotional Learning

Volume 3: Issue 1: Closing Opportunity Gaps & Re-engaging Students through the Arts

College Board Research


Arts and Common Core 
Arts and Common Core Phase II 
Child Development Report 
P21 Report 
College Expectations Report 
State and Media Arts Report 
International Standards 


Opportunity-To-Learn Standards

Music Opportunity-to-Learn Standards 
Visual Arts Opportunity-to- Learn Standards 
Dance Opportunity-to-Learn Standards
Theater Opportunity-to-Learn Standards